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"That Boy with Lucid Hair" is a single by Sonja Vectomov.


Released on December 12, 2018, by Uneventful Records.

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"Two in One" is a single and video from Sonja Vectomov's album Lamprophrenia


Released July 11, 2016, Uneventful Records

Starring Jana Andrsová and Lumi Divo

Directed by Mika Johnson

Cinematography by Xoaher Musavvir 


Do it again with Foma (Hradec Králové, CZ)

Video by Šimon Levitner.

Thanks to Jiří Sirůček,

Týna Hnátová, Michal Plodek.

From Open In Dark Room (EP), 2013


Nononsense, 2015

Video: Simona Noera


Kult, 2014

Design: Katarína Š. Fedorišinová
Foto: Peter Vološčuk
Model: Miki Rittstein
Music: Sonja Vectomov
Video: Július Štefan

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