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Sonja Vectomov (b. 1979) is a Finnish-Czech musician, producer and composer of electronic and classical music. Her odyssey began at an early age in Finland, with musique concrète experiments, a children's choir, and violin and piano studies at Central Finland Conservatory.


She is a passionate sound explorer with spontaneous narrative inspired by literature, life and science, a one-woman power show with hefty beats and synths, live acoustic instruments such as violin, harmonica, mandolin and viola, and a voice that delicately straddles the crest between song and storytelling.


Sonja has performed alongside Jessy Lanza, God Des & She, Tusk/Mad Kate and Scream Club, and appeared on albums by Swiss music group JJ & Palin (violin), Czech electronic ensemble Foma (vocals, lyrics), My Name is Ann!'s 2015 EP Shelter Remixes, Female:pressure Reveller Compilation vol.1 with a track "Microbe Hunters"and on Papalescu2 "Das Telescop" single remixes, 2016. On September 23rd, 2016, Vectomov released her debut album Lamprophrenia followed by her spring 2017 release EP Unusual Dual. On December 12th, 2019, Vectomov released a single and video That Boy With Lucid Hair.






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